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How to Cultivate Emotional Intelligence as a Strategic Leader

How to Cultivate Emotional Intelligence as a Strategic Leader

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I recently ran across the Entrepreneur article titled “How to Cultivate Emotional Intelligence as a Strategic Leader.” As part of the Integrative Marketing Fusion model I practice, this topic is of huge importance.

The author, Doug Walner, begins… “It’s no secret that emotional intelligence is a valuable skill for business leaders. However, many CEOs struggle to cultivate it within their team. Read along as we discuss the benefits of emotional intelligence in the workplace and how to develop it to enhance your leadership skills and business strategy.”

His article is in a great format, first defining emotional intelligence as “the “the ability to perceive, interpret, demonstrate, control, evaluate and use emotions to communicate with and relate to others effectively and constructively. Some experts suggest that emotional intelligence is more important than IQ for success in life,” (Verywell Mind).

5 pillars of emotional intelligence

Walner then dives into his 5 pillars of emotional intelligence

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-regulation
  • Motivation
  • Empathy
  • Social skills

Benefits of emotional intelligence

The author then continues to discuss the many benefits of emotional intelligence in the workplace:

  • Team alignment
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased transparency and accountability
  • Better communication
Emotional intelligence benefits, marketing.

These 5 pillars and the benefits are very much in-line and part of the Integrative Marketing Fusion methodology. As a refresh:

Integrative Marketing Fusion (IMF)

My philosophy has always been one of integrated marketing, meaning integrating the same visuals, messaging, tone, and feeling through multiple communication channels. This lends itself well to consistency, repetition, brand building and strengthening.

The term fusion, or the process of combining entities, is also at play through my marketing. How can I help evolve, connect, and inspire an organization, team or individual? This involves change management, network-building and creating brand ambassadors. So that’s where the term Integrative Marketing Fusion, or IMF, comes from and the meaning behind it.

So how is this accomplished?

Through honest and direct communication, transparency, respect, empathy, and a true value for each other and the gifts we have.

Concluding, Walner provides steps to improve emotional intelligence in your organization.

  • Show appreciation
  • Practice what you preach
  • Get to know yourself
  • Get to know your people
  • Provide training

Of course, each of these elements are described in detail so you’ll have to visit the article for the goods.

I hope this snapshot gives you something to think about within your own organization. Also, in the coming weeks I’ll be going in-depth into the Integrative Marketing Fusion methodology, so stay tuned for that.

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