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Grant & Fundraising Assistance

Grant & Fundraising Assistance

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Over the past several months I’ve had several people approach me to assist with writing some narratives for FEMA and other national and regional grant applications. This is something I can absolutely help with. My firm, Babacita, is the only agency dedicated to fire and emergency service marketing. Though marketing has several components, securing funds and fundraising activities is part of an integrated marketing strategy and program.

I’ve also had folks reach out top have me assist with researching what grant opportunities are out there for them. This is something I’m considering adding to my arsenal – a research arm. Would this be something you see as value and could (would) you use it? I’d like to make this easy and affordable for all types of organizations and would create a good/better/best offering. I’m thinking pricing would be $99/$149/$199 and also offer custom research. This seem like a good and affordable value?

Still playing with the idea but any input would be appreciated!


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