John R. Kowalski Integrative Marketing Fusion

Book Progress

I figure it’s time for an update on my marketing book. It seems the writing process ebbs and flows with time availability, energy and the right mindset but I’m cranking right along. Currently at 68 pages (18,000-ish words). I’m really happy with how this is progressing.

Here’s a look at the current outline and working title:

A Practical Guide for Integrative Marketing Fusion

Foundations, strategies & tactics for marketers, growth drivers & change agents

  1. Introduction
  2. Marketing Defined
  3. Integrative Marketing Fusion
  4. Team Empowerment & Creativity Equals Growth
  5. Self-Care Equals Growth
  6. A Brand
    • Molding the Brand
    • A Brand Identified
    • Corporate vs Product Brand
    • Product Traits vs Brand Traits
    • Brand Checklist
    • Brand Brief Defined
    • Brand Attributes & Architecture
    • Brand Perception Survey
    • Brand Outline Example
  7. Building a Personal Brand
    • Evolve, Connect, Inspire – Evolution Guide Workbook
  8. Marketing Strategy
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Market Trends
    • Competitive Landscape
    • Target Audience & Creating Personas
    • Messaging Focus
    • Reviews & Workflow
    • Marketing Strategy Template
  9. Marketing Communications Program Management
    • Setting Goals
    • Tactics Must Support the Brand
    • Programs & Tactics
    • Learnings & Tips
    • Marketing Mix/Tactics Template
    • Public Relations Strategies for Success
    • Strategies for the Future
  10. Metrics
  11. Product Launches
  12. Product Launch Template
  13. Annual Planning
  14. Marketing Functions
  15. Resources & Tools
  16. IMF for Greater Value
    • Gaining Leadership Support
    • Tying it all Together
    • Leadership & IMF
    • PeaceWalker Project
    • WorldBlu
    • Ubuntu
  17. Connected & Aligned
  18. The Future of B2B Marketing
  19. Close
  20. Acknowledgements
  21. Testimonials

Other elements to add in:

  • Experience Notes (Stories)
  • Content bits that need to find a home

Integrative Marketing Fusion, Writing the Book

Being in marketing or leadership can sometimes be challenging and difficult. When things are a mess, and you have no idea where to start. I’m writing a book to make life easier for marketers and business leaders.

I think it came about when I was mentoring on my branding process, and I realized that I have all this great information from 25+ years marketing experience. I have a ton of content, both written down and, in my head, so why not get all of this down into a concise and to-the-point document. I base my thinking and work on an integrative marketing model, but I also bring in several change disciplines around evolve, connect, and inspire. That’s my secret sauce and something I’ve coined Integrative Marketing Fusion. More on that as the book progresses.

Originally, I was thinking a practical workbook but then quickly it jumped up in page numbers. As of now I’m at 52 pages with at least that amount to go. One thing I want this to be is something that is useful now. It has some theory in it but basically, it’s a down and dirty how-to guide with templates that can be downloaded and used by anyone in any industry at any level – students, leadership, people interested in learning marketing, and marketing professionals.

The current outline (as of today) is:

  • Introduction
  • Marketing Defined
  • Integrative Marketing Fusion (IMF)
  • A Brand
  • Building a Personal Brand
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Communications Program Management
  • Marketing Functions
  • Resources and Tools

Each of these major sections have several sub-sections.

I’m posting parts, pieces, and downloads on my Patreon page as I go through this initial drafting phase if you’d like to check that out.

I just wanted to get you all a quick update on what I’ve been up to lately and will be for a while. Stay tuned for more updates.

The Guidebook Shifts to a Book

As I kept rolling with my guidebook it has grown immensely. I made some great progress this past weekend and am currently just over 40 pages with new additions and ideas coming every day. Not sure where this will end up but just as I tell graphic designers, let the content dictate the design, not the other way around.

I’m really going in-depth on not only Integrated Marketing but my “special sauce” philosophies, tactics, and ready-to-use templates.

Anyway, just a brief update and if inclined, you can support this project via Patreon.

Marketing Guidebook & My Brand

I thought I’d step back a touch and share with you some of my rationale to get my 25+ years of experience in one consolidated guide or book. Over the course of my career, I’ve always been collecting templates and ideas from a variety of sources and then make them into something I use in my work. Over the years as I have grown and how marketing has changed have also played into how I update my templates. I have taught many classes for organizations, universities, or companies around marketing or certain aspects of it and I’ve always enjoyed sharing my knowledge. I’ve also had interns along the way that have gone on to do some brilliant things with their careers and I’m still happy to be their mentor.

Anyway, due to my love of teaching and sharing knowledge, I wanted to share, not only, what I’ve learned along the way, but tips and guides for getting things done systematically, efficiently, and effectively. Real-world practical’s with just the right amount of theory behind it.

This is really geared towards any functional marketing professional or aspiring professional. I really enjoy the branding and strategy, but I also love developing campaigns, writing content, and doing the design. All those aspects, the functional marketer, is what makes me and the passion and love I have for marketing.

There are also many parts of us, not just our professional lives. And that’s something I also wanted to share with you in the hopes of triggering some new or reinforcing some (perhaps) lost or hidden aspects of you.

My brand is me. It’s marketing, but it’s also a home chef, a volunteer firefighter, and a guitarist (in process). It’s a diverse collection, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Join me on this journey.