Massive Devastation, Global Impact – The Wildfires in Australia

As I see the images and read the articles about the wildfires in Australia. I think about the wildfires I’ve fought as part of the Lone Oak Volunteer Fire Department. I cannot imagine what the firefighters, most of which are volunteer just like in the US, are going through with such a monumental challenge. Their continent is on fire. Millions of acres and an unimaginable number of animals, plants and trees – some of which may be completely eliminated – an entire ecosystem devastated.

It hurts my heart.

Take a look at this excellent article (and from which the ‘how to help’ section below was pulled) giving you a detailed overview of the whole situation:

How You Can Help

A number of organizations and volunteer services are aiding in the firefighting and recovery efforts for affected communities. Whether you want to help the firefighting organizations, wildlife or just provide somewhere to sleep, you can find a ton of handy links and information below:

Direct to Firefighting Efforts

Relief and Support Efforts



Fundraising and Auctions

Mental Health Services

Respiratory equipment and where to buy P2 masks

Other things you can do