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What I Do & My Many Facets

What I Do & My Many Facets

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I was recently asked “what do you do.” After a bit of a laugh I went through the usual list of things. But as time went on, this question came back to me along with the thought to outline everything (and to maybe downsize). So here’s an attempt:

  • Family – A husband, father, son and brother
  • Professional & Day Job – Business Line Manager for BYK-Gardner, a testing and measurement company where I run (product marketing, account management, sales, marketing) their retail paint solutions – basically color matching hardware and software for retailers. It’s a pretty interesting position we were in when I joined the organization but now are on the cusp of creating something truly innovative and disruptive through software, analytics and hardware solutions. More information at
  • Volunteer Firefighter – I’m a lieutenant with the Lone Oak Volunteer Fire Department. In addition to the normal fire and emergency service responses I am our public information officer that includes media and public relations, grant writing, website, social media and events. Visit our department website at
  • Hamilton County Fire Training – Currently working my way through Firefighter I certification (complete end of May 2019). We finished our hazmat awareness and operations along with our classroom work. Since after the first of the year we’ve been working through our practicals on the drill field which include some live burning. And throughout the process working through our workbook and studying for the state exam. More info at
  • Babacita – This is my consulting business. Right now it’s focused on marketing for fire and emergency service organizations but depending on the client and my availability I can help businesses with their marketing, branding and strategy. On the fire side I’ve also developed an online marketing course that helps fire departments with all the various parts and pieces that include marketing. On my site,, there is also a blogwhich I’m slowly building content for and also a resources section where I list what I carry along with some other cool things. Here’s a link to the home page.

Other Babacita projects currently in various stages

  • BabaFireNotify – I’m currently evaluating the need for a texting system for fire departments to communicate with their communities for various warnings, traffic situations, weather, events, etc. Facebook is a great tool, but this is more direct and immediate. Would love to know your thoughts on this as I currently have a survey up where I’m collecting data. I’ve also started a gofundme campaign, check it out here if you’re interested in supporting this initiative.
  • Fire Department Test Subject – Looking for a small, rural fire department that could use some assistance in the marketing and social media area. On this project and as a test run, both myself and Chief Miller Media will be doing our thing and documenting it for a future case study. If you are a small, rural fire department in the Alabama area (just good geography for myself and Chief Miller) please reach out to me. We’d love to help.
  • Bug Spray – Yep, this is something I worked on last summer due to the increase in ticks here in Southern Tennessee. And believe it or not, it works! I use it for any outside work and have given it to several friends to test and everyone says it definitely helps! I have to find the time to make some more bottles and to get it out locally to potentially sell. The challenge here is finding a production partner to help me make the product. Still need to come up with a name and website for this but I have lots of notes and ideas. If you’re interested in helping, give me a shout.
  • GigLinx – This has been rattling around for several years and I’m getting close to securing a development partner on this. This is a web-based platform for independent musicians to assist in getting more gigs while offering a side to venues, bars, event planners, etc. – anyone hiring musicians – where they can find new acts quickly. The key thing here is an indicator that tracks the social media presence a musician has. Lots of other things here but if you’re interested learning more visit
  • Train to the Moon – Also, did you know that I wrote a book? Yep, it’s a short and inspirational story called Train to the Moon. Check it out here. I still have some hard copies left too if you’re interested.

So, in a nutshell this is what I do. What do you do? 🙂

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