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Today is my birthday and the magic number this year is 53. Holy sh!t. How did that happen?

Anyway, I feel good and am happy with all I accomplished this past year in both work and personal life. I tend to use this day as one of reflection on this past year as well as my life. To relish in my accomplishments as well as the pains I’ve endured. I also look forward on year 53 and beyond.

A couple highlights of 52

Blondie, Fender, Telecaster
  • A brand refresh and new website from Babacita to John R Kowalski | Integrated Marketing Fusion
  • My role as Head of Marketing for BYK-Gardner USA and Gardco and the amazing team that I work with
  • The great marketing work and the difference I’m making with a few select clients
  • Continued community support through the Lone Oak Volunteer Fire Department as a firefighter, public information officer, and board vice president
  • Proud of my children, their growth and the wonderful individuals that they are
  • Happy the beautiful life my wife and I have carved out
  • My progress on guitar, piano, and banjo, in addition to my songwriting

Looking forward to year 53

  • Creating more content, including video
  • To keep pushing marketing tests and innovations through my work and my Integrative Marketing Fusion model
  • Continue my progress on guitar, piano, and banjo
  • Keep on writing lyrics and songs
  • Song recording and production and increase my knowledge of Studio One software
  • Connecting more with friends and family
  • Keep cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, specifically Italian and Mediterranean food
  • Improving my community through my volunteering at the fire department

I just hope the petting zoo and mariachi band arrives soon. 🙂

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