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Above and Beyond: Taking Initiative to Grow

Above and Beyond: Taking Initiative to Grow

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Imagine it’s a regular Thursday afternoon; you’re sitting at your desk when an email pops up with the subject line, “Kudos to the Marketing Maverick!” It’s a shout-out from your boss in the company newsletter, celebrating an employee who transformed a standard marketing strategy into a winning campaign. That standout team member is you, all because you decided not just to work on the task at hand but to reinvent the wheel where necessary. The marketing initiative that was needed.

Going above and beyond is the turbocharger of your professional engine in marketing roles. It’s not just about ticking boxes; it’s about creating new benchmarks. This post is your treasure map to excellence, where I share wisdom on elevating your work from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Take Initiative

Opportunity doesn’t knock; it stands there quietly, waiting for you to recognize it. The first step to differentiating yourself is taking the initiative. You don’t need a red-carpet invitation to enhance projects or streamline processes. Look around; what’s good can always be better. Buy the idea dinner, dress it up, and prepare it for the show.

Add Your Unique Skills/Strengths

You can pack your projects with the power of your brand. Are you a word wizard? Weave that magic into key messages or campaign copy. Your unique talents are the secret sauce that can turn a plain burger into a gourmet meal. Don’t hold back—drizzle it generously!

Go the Extra Mile

When the clock ticks to the end of the day, ask yourself, “Can I push a little more?” The fact is, deadlines are more like suggestions to those aiming for the stars. Jumping on additional responsibilities shows leadership and commitment as strong as superglue. The extra mile might be a solo trip, but winners are made here. Look for and take on marketing initiatives that will truly move the needle.

Exceed Expectations

Meeting expectations is playing a friendly game of catch. Exceeding them? That’s hitting a home run. Go beyond the brisk nod of approval—aim for the standing ovation. It’s not showboating but showcasing what ‘outstanding’ looks like.

Improve on What’s Already There

Deck the halls of success by bringing fresh eyes to existing campaigns. Sometimes, marketing materials are painted by numbers. It’s your job to bring out Picasso’s spirit and transform the mural. Remember, good can always bid for great.

Personal Anecdotes

During my early days as a marketer, I stood before a decision—follow the blueprint or sketch a fresh one. Embracing initiative, I pitched a re-imagined campaign to my team. With data as my ally and creativity my sword, I shoehorned a new vision into reality. This bolstered the project and showcased my dedication to innovation and excellence.


25 Ways to Take Initiative at Work – Infographic

Paving your pathway to extraordinariness means tuning into the frequency of initiative, utilizing the full spectrum of your skills, and setting new horizons for expectations. The challenge I present to you is simple yet profound—make a habit of raising the bar. Starting today, redefine what success looks like, and soon, you may find your name highlighted in that company newsletter.

Questions? Please comment below on your situation and how I can help. Now go forth, Marketing Mavericks, and take those marketing initiatives even further. Push boundaries. Make waves. Go above, go beyond, and grow.

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