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Annual Planning, An Outline to Success

Annual Planning, An Outline to Success

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It’s time for 2022 marketing planning! If you haven’t already started thinking about it, it’s time to get going.

Here’s how I go about it:

First look at your 2021 plan – is there anything that wasn’t addressed, and you can get into this year still?

  • Summary – where have you been and where are you going?
  • Goals – what are they? Things like “increase lead generation by 16%, improve lead-sale conversion by 4%, increase new contacts in the CRM system by 12%. Stuff like that but make sure they’re all measurable.
  • Opportunities – what are your opportunities? Check out your SWOT analysis and update that if it’s been a while. Also tie these to marketing activities
  • Key activities – high-level efforts like “mine for case study opportunities, work closer with Latin American partners to help boost their sales, focus on better lead qualification”

Now it’s time to gather input from other stakeholders and key leaders.

  • Set meetings with each of your business category leaders. What’s their focus for the coming year? Where do they need marketing assistance?
  • Meet with each territory team. Same questions – what’s their focus and where do they need marketing efforts for the coming year.

From there polish your document and send to the team for their review, input, edits. One you have this final and approved it’s everyone’s strategy, not just marketing’s. You’re strengthening your team with this level of transparency and identifying your 2022 focus.

From here it’s on you to map out the program and activity plan. Build a schedule for the year with as much information as you can. Dates, locations, cost estimates, etc.

This is a guide and a direction forward. Dates change, activities get added…. This is normal for marketing as you know. Keep ahead of the game in your planning and keep pushing forward. You’ll see the wins on several levels that’ll ultimately move the organization forward.

Happy planning!

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