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Creative Process Insight

Creative Process Insight

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Yesterday I had lunch with a friend. Besides hitting a place near our old employer (buffalo chicken sandwich, baby), we had a great conversation. About life, families and work. But maybe the biggest outcome was his take on a current project I am working on. He saw things larger than what I did, and he was right. I needed to open my eyes wider than my marketing role, and he helped do that. It also made me reflect on my creative process and how I go about things.

Since I got back to my home office I had a webinar to run and moderate, some final travel details for a coming marketing team meeting, replying to the seemingly mountain of requests, and trying to get my thoughts and notes from lunch down. 

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That’s one of my biggest fear – forgetting an idea. If it’s not written on my notebook on my desk it’s in my phone notes. From there after some percolating, it goes into the computer (OneNote) in its proper place. THEN, I can relax a bit and let things percolate some more till the energy hits and I start flushing out the idea with as many aspects and details as I can get down. And a lot of the time it comes out like a fire hose. 

Anyway, that’s just a little insight into my creative process. 

And whatever you’re dreaming, dream bigger!

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