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Instrument Family Addition

Instrument Family Addition

New banjo added to my instrument family.

My musical world has just got a bit bigger! Recently, thanks to my wife, she added a banjo to my instrument family. I’m just beginning this journey as I’m learning how to play this unique stringed instrument; it is quite different from playing guitar. Plus, since I am trying to get more into folk music and bluegrass (which of course goes hand in hand with the banjo technique), adding a banjo to my repertoire can only enhance my sound. It’s also a great representation of where I live, near the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.

What surprised me is that picking up this instrument wasn’t too steep a learning curve despite the challenges it posed – the challenge being work out those intricate finger movements necessary for great riffs without straining your fingers too much! I’ll add it to my daily practice (guitar and piano). I also know that patience plays an important role in mastering any new skill – especially anything related to music – and it’s been very enjoyable so far.

Introducing the latest member of the family, my new banjo, Dolly.

new banjo, Dolly.

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