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Marketing Training – A Mentee’s Journey Pt. 2

Marketing Training – A Mentee’s Journey Pt. 2

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Training session part 2 of Aimee’s journey to learn marketing. If you missed part 1, check it out here.

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Today we began by discussing the differences between classroom education and real-life experience. Classrooms and professors offer many valuable learning opportunities, but when a student enters the workforce they may find that their education has not fully prepared them for their day-to-day reality on the job. More and more people these days are opting out of the traditional 9-to-5s and choosing to work from home, or in niche markets that are best understood with on-the-job training. With the global connectivity that almost everyone has at their fingertips now, the possibilities are endless if we are brave enough to open ourselves to new experiences and learning from unexpected sources.

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Next I listened as John shared some of his experiences doing marketing consulting. Building a brand is an important first step to mounting an effective marketing strategy. Employees and clients alike must be able to easily understand the brand promise, the mission of the company, and the unique value offered by their products and/or services. Creating a coherent brand image is one of the very first steps in this process of translating a company’s values into a visual representation that makes sense to a customer and calls the attention of prospective new clients. Colors, fonts, phrasing, graphics, and use of relevant marketing channels are all important elements here. It is also necessary in many cases to discuss and define core values, then brainstorm to invent the best approach in using these foundational principles to establish the basis of the workforce ethic and all of the many elements of customer service.

It had never occurred to me before this conversation that it would be necessary to explain the necessity and value of good marketing to clients who are considering hiring a marketing consultant. It is almost amusing to realize that, on occasion, a marketing consultant must market their own marketing in order to sell their skill set.

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John also showed me a sampling of the marketing calendar he is currently using, to give me an idea of how life on the inside works. Communication and planning ahead (sometimes way ahead) is key to executing good strategies. When a team is all on the same page with clear deadlines, or as is sometimes the case, clear flexibilities, each team member is free to exercise their talents and skills to the best advantage.

JK Note: Learn marketing! It’s fun! 🙂 Another solid marketing resource is the AMA website.

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