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One Chapter Closes, Another to Open

One Chapter Closes, Another to Open

blank page, new chapter

My Giving/Volunteer Transition

LOVFD, fire department, volunteer fire department, resignation

After the board/member meeting and not sleeping that night it came back to one thing: Trust. I do not trust some of the very people that my life depends on. That’s a problem and no more. I have closed this chapter of my life and am currently dreaming of what the next chapter around Giving.

Some random thoughts in no particular order

  • Join a neighboring fire department
  • Push my fire department marketing initiative
  • Write fire service grants
  • Work with the NVFC
  • Mentor young marketing professionals
  • Develop an online live course/workshop for marketing professionals
  • Continue writing my book on Integrative Marketing Fusion
  • Dive more into my music – writing/recording
  • Teach at a local college or even high school

Lots of ideas that need to percolate and see what bubbles up.

Stay tuned, and you stay classy San Diego!

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