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Work Travel Decompression, a Necessity

Work Travel Decompression, a Necessity

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I find that work travel decompression is a necessity for this B2B marketer.

This past week I had a bit of work travel. It was centered around 2022 performance reviews and 2023 objective setting. For myself as well as my marketing team. It was also to gather as a team to discuss challenges, new year goals and to just be together.

For me it’s always a bit of a challenge when I’m traveling for work. I throw myself in 110% and always ache for quiet and alone time. Those moments seem to be at a minimum, however. And that’s ok. I use my time to be with people I don’t see too often in person. I think the real decompression starts when I get home.

With several meetings taking place, new thoughts, and innovative ideas coming through I find myself jotting down everything. Little notes here and there so I don’t forget anything. Then when home, I begin to vet and organize these notes. They all have a place. An action item as part of our marketing programs in A personnel note in my OneNote files. Other ideas in my “Thoughts & Ideas” notebook (OneNote again). This time is absolutely critical for me. Also, to sit in quiet and to reflect on the past trip before the memory fades. What do I see through the meetings and interactions? Beyond the words. Does this engage a creative flow?

My process outline

  • Review
  • Organize
  • Prioritize 
  • Internally process
  • Mentally engage for what’s next

Everything settles into their places, but only if you give yourself the time to let it.

What rituals do you have to decompress from a work trip? Please share.

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