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Feeling Off & Annoyed

Starting today I was a bit off. It felt like a hard Monday to get up to even though my meeting schedule was lighter than normal. Maybe it was the fire department board meeting tonight looming in the background.

The Chord Progression Flows

I have a lyric that I’ve had for some time but could never ‘click’ with the chord progressions… that was until yesterday. It finally flowed and came out. Not only ideas for the chords for guitar, but some arpeggios, and also some keyboard ideas.

Creative Weekend

Creativity can come in a variety of ways. Dreaming, planning, actions, experimenting, etc. Creativity is an outlet that we should all embrace and be conscious to let it out.

Celebrate National Guitar Day!

Are you ready to rock on National Guitar Day? It’s TODAY! While this special day to celebrate guitarists and their music only comes around once a year, that doesn’t mean it can’t be made into an occasion worth celebrating.

An Ode to Bok Choy

This poem is an ode to the beloved bok choy, a nutritious and delicious vegetable. Its leaves and stems provide a variety of possibilities.

Music Rediscovered

Riding along with my wife the other day and we were going through some cd’s that we haven’t seen or heard in a long time. Lots of great stuff and newly placed in my Apple Music library and my listening rotation.