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Not Feeling It? Creative Block.

Not Feeling It? Creative Block.

blank screen

Staring at a blank screen

blank screen

Do you ever have moments where you’re sitting (or standing in my case) in front of a blank screen? You have plenty to say, but for some reason nothing is bubbling to the top or sparking an idea. Creative block.

That’s me at this exact moment.

I could write about marketing stuff, tell stories, talk about a new recipe or what’s going on at the fire hall, but…. nothing….

I went through a file I have of content ideas to write about, but still, nothing generated a spark that usually gets me going.

Creativity cannot be forced

Even though the conditions may be right, creativity cannot be forced. It will come when it’s ready and until then, keep things percolating.

I’m going to take a step back and do something else creative. Maybe head outside for a walk, draw something, or even just daydream a bit.

When you’re stuck like this don’t worry or stress – it will come to you in time. You just need to give your brain the space it needs to make its magic happen.

Outside I go for a bit.

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