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Enough with the Corporate (Bullshit) Speak

Enough with the Corporate (Bullshit) Speak

bullshit, no bullshit

I actually heard this from someone when asking about why sales and leads are “soft”:

The business has experienced a decline due to the prevailing global economic slowdown, which has led to reduced consumer spending and a more cautious approach to investments across industries. This has resulted in decreased demand for our products, impacting our revenue and overall performance.

What does that even mean? This corporate blah, blah some kind of reasoning and rationale? How does that relate to my business or, in fact, any business? It actually sounds like something that AI generated with minimal inputs.


Real Reasons for Sales/Leads Slow Down

  • Economy
  • Need for cost savings
  • Lingering vacations and the start of school
  • Alternative buying outlets
  • Product availability
  • Lead times

Stay the Course – Your Marketing Strategy

Staying the course means keeping your eyes on the end goal and not getting distracted by temporary setbacks or fluctuations. The corporate (and business) landscape is constantly changing and full of unforeseen challenges, but a well-thought-out strategy takes these into account and is built to weather such storms. While it’s crucial to be nimble and adapt to changing circumstances, it’s equally important not to lose sight of your company’s long-term objectives.

Take our marketing programs, for example. They may need to shift to respond to immediate concerns or trends, but their underlying purpose – whether it’s to increase brand recognition, drive sales, or engage with customers – should stay the same. If your strategy was outlined correctly from the start, it would be robust enough to handle changes in the business environment without major overhauls.

What’s key is maintaining focus and not getting swayed by short-term declines or setbacks. Remember, in a B2B setting, sales cycles can range from 12-18 months, so patience and perseverance are crucial. Keep a steady hand at the helm, adjust your sails as necessary, but always stay on course.

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