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The Search for a Remarkable Workflow

The Search for a Remarkable Workflow

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Several months ago I was reading a blog post by my friend, Kim, and she mentioned that she uses a reMarkable e-ink tablet. That’s something that has sparked my curiosity. Could something like this be incorporate and to turn my process into a remarkable workflow?

My Current Process

workflow, notebook, notepad, notes
  • OneNote for project notes and ideas that I need to keep flushing out
  • Reminders (the Apple standard one) for key project, side project, home and personal to-do things. Also things I need to pick up at the hardware store and strange ingredients I need for any recipes on the horizon.
  • with my work team to keep all of our projects, deadlines, notes, budgets, etc. in one place
  • Notebook – for day-to-day things to remember as this sits to the left of my keyboard.
  • Music/lyric notebook – something that’s always near
  • Apple Notes – for quick notes, lyrics or music ideas, work ideas, blog ideas, etc.

Seems like a lot but it’s been working for years. But the question remains? Is it a remarkable workflow?

e-Ink Tablet Thoughts

Some things I like about an e-ink tablet is first and foremost, the lack of browser, email, Teams, and notifications. Something to clearly keep focus without distractions. I like also like the connectivity aspect of it so I can access any e-ink tablet notes on my phone or mac. It also gets me excited about sketching more. Not art, but concepts and workflows. How elements of one thing interact with others. Mind-mapping, essentially.

There seems to be a ton of templates and the ability to create my own. It’ll also take pdf files which I can read and write notes on. It can also take handwritten notes and convert them to text. This should be interesting since sometimes I have trouble reading my own writing.

After muddling on this for months and the past 3 weeks some hardcore online research, I finally decided to pull the trigger on a reMarkable 2 tablet.

How will an e-Ink Tablet Fit Into My Process?

Although I’ve just started playing with it, here are some of my initial thoughts on folders and organization, along with my day-to-day efforts.

Here are some key things

  • Plan the day – something to review/develop first thing in the morning
  • Journal – I go in spurts with journaling but maybe I can get back in the habit
  • Big project notes and ideas
  • Meeting notes
  • Daily scribbles and notes – this could be new ideas, element relationships, etc.


  • BYK Instruments – one of the two brands I do marketing stuff for
  • Gardco – the second brand
  • Consulting clients
  • JRK – blogs, promotion, resources, etc.
  • Music – what I want to work on, new things to learn, goals, lyric ideas, chord progression or melody ideas
  • Food – any thoughts on recipes or things to make
  • Fire – fire department ideas, training thoughts, etc.
  • Home
  • Family

This is just an initial take as I’ll probably change things around another 87 times till I settle into something that works for me.

reMarkable, e-ink tablet, eink, tablet, workflow

Workflow & Process

Workflow and process always fascinates me. To be efficient and organized while igniting, not hampering, creativity. The thought of keeping everything organized along with the ability to sketch and brainstorm sounds like a dream come true. I can’t wait to see how this e-ink tablet fits into my current process and potentially improve it. It’s always exciting to try new things and see if they enhance productivity and creativity.

Overall, I believe that incorporating an e-ink tablet into my workflow will not only provide a new and interesting tool, but also help streamline my process and potentially spark new ideas. As technology continues to advance, it’s important to constantly evaluate and adapt our workflows in order to stay productive and efficient in our ever-changing world. Who knows, maybe this will be the next big thing for my workflow!

Do you have a remarkable workflow? Anything unique? Comment away!

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