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Feeling Off & Annoyed

Feeling Off & Annoyed

feeling off

Starting today I was a bit off. It felt like a hard Monday to get up to even though my meeting schedule was lighter than normal. No particular marketing work stress. Not even near meltdown. Maybe it was the fire department board meeting tonight looming in the background. One of those ‘must do’s’, but I remind myself, it’s also a choice.

Clover and I did the usual walk and we felt pretty good. My kids in Maine are more present in my thoughts today. It’s hard being apart from them and not being a daily, physical influence on them.

I got an email regarding some marketing metrics with our current system that instantly annoyed me. A push off to “check out this resource.” So I did and on the very first part I was stuck. My system didn’t allow those options. Another email asking politely (again) for advise. Sigh. You wouldn’t think it would be this hard to get some marketing metrics, but apparently it is. At least I can look forward to a timely response later this week…

I have writing to do. I have a little design work needing some attention. Some projects to start outlining and some needing some dedicated work. It’s definitely a struggle today to push myself. This isn’t typical for me. I’m usually full of energy diving into projects and excited to make progress.

It’s nice to see the sun shining out my home office window. The trees and plants with their little buds excited about the new hope of Spring.

Snap out of it

I will snap out of this but for now, it’s where I am. And that’s ok. Be where you are. There are gifts in there somewhere. We may not always know what or why, but that’s ok. Just be.

Maybe something in my songwriting or music this past weekend hit a chord. No pun intended, but that’s pretty spot on. The thing with songwriting… it has to come from deep within. To open up. To be vulnerable. That’s the only way for something to be good. It needs heart and emotion as the root.

Anyway, for now… I will just be.

What tips do you have to shake an ‘off’ feeling? Typically it’s listening (or playing) music for me, but I’ve still yet to find something that clicks with me.

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