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Celebrate National Guitar Day!

Celebrate National Guitar Day!

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Are you ready to rock on National Guitar Day? It’s TODAY! While this special day to celebrate guitarists and their music only comes around once a year, that doesn’t mean it can’t be made into an occasion worth celebrating. Whether you’re a dedicated musician, casual listener, or anything in between – if the sound of strummed strings gets your heart racing just like it does for us, then National Guitar Day is an event for everyone! From appreciating all aspects of the instrument, from its history to modern-day stylings; exploring covers and riffs performed by guitar heroes alike; jamming along with friends who share your passion – today is the time to show your love for guitars. Let’s dive right in and get inspired!

How I am celebrating

Fender Telecaster, Martin acoustic, Blonde, Martin, guitars
Blonde & Martin

It first started with some casual playing on my acoustic (Martin) and then working through a few songs. Closer to the Heart by Rush, Let it Be by the Beatles, Sugar Mice by Marillion and Keep On Rockin’ in the Free World by Neil Young and Crazy Horse.

After that it was time to give my guitars some polishing love (along with my banjo, Dolly).

Writing this now, and then to plug in my Telecaster (Blondie) and see what comes out while I fiddle with my assortment of effects pedals. All great fun!

Some fun ways to celebrate

Pick up your guitar and start playing – it’s never too late to learn

If you’ve ever thought about picking up a guitar but never got around to it, there’s no time like the present – and, as of today, there’s no better excuse! It’s National Guitar Day and the perfect opportunity to dust off your old forgotten instrument or invest in a new one. You don’t have to be a virtuoso to get started – all you need is an eagerness to learn and some patience. Who knows, you might even find that it comes more easily than you thought! Not only can learning the guitar be extremely rewarding in terms of skill and creativity, it is also loads of fun. So why not treat yourself on this celebratory day? Pick up your guitar and let its sonic melodies linger pleasantly in the air – start playing now and soak up all the proud vibes.

Listen to some of your favorite songs and think about how the guitar enhances the music

It’s the perfect time to take a few moments and appreciate the guitar’s immense contribution to music. Whether you’re into rock, country, blues, jazz or even classical, the sound of the guitar is integral to each genre. Think about some of your all-time favorite songs and albums—it’s hard to imagine them without their signature guitar ballads. So why not take this special day and listen to some of those beloved tunes? Crank them up as loud as you please and absorb that classic guitar tone that has enthralled music fans around the world for decades. You can also find some new tracks featuring masterful guitar playing for a real sonic feast. Have a happy National Guitar Day!

Find a local concert or event happening in honor of National Guitar Day

National Guitar Day is a great opportunity to enjoy some of your favorite music or even try something new. If you’re looking for an event happening in honor of this day, there’s likely something going on in your town or nearby! From intimate concerts to lively festivals, celebrate with local musicians as they pay homage to the guitar—there are plenty of events just waiting to be explored. Indeed, this day might just be the perfect opportunity for you to expand your musical horizons!

If you’re not a musician, take some time to appreciate the artistry of those who are

It’s also a great time to really appreciate the incredible musicians across the world. Whether it’s classical, blues, jazz, pop, rock or any other genre of music, playing the guitar requires skill, technique and hard work. It’s easy to forget how impressive it is when a musician masters a song with their bare hands and when they can make it come alive with individual flair and style. Why not take some time today to appreciate all of the amazing players who dedicate themselves to producing beautiful music that touches our hearts and impacts our lives?

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, today is the day to celebrate your love of guitar!

It’s the perfect time to pick up that old instrument in the corner of your bedroom and give it some love! For those pros out there, why not challenge yourself with a new piece or a solo finger-picking session? And if you’re just starting out on this journey, what better way to kick off than by strumming your favorite tunes? Don’t forget to enjoy every moment of playing and make sure to wear those calluses proudly. Whether you’re an experienced guitarist or are picking up a guitar for the first time – today is all about celebrating our love of guitar!

Guitar history

Guitar music has been around for centuries. The guitar’s origins are traceable to the Middle Ages, when it evolved from several different stringed instruments. Throughout its long history, guitarists have continued to innovate and refine guitar playing techniques and styles, which have become staples of virtually every genre of popular music today.

The guitar’s popularity only increased with time, eventually becoming one of the most iconic symbols in modern culture. Countless guitar legends such as Jimi Hendrix, B.B King and Carlos Santana helped shape our modern musical landscape and continue to be revered by guitar fans everywhere.

Fun guitar facts

While we’re talking guitar I thought I’d give you a list of interesting guitar facts:

  • The guitar is the most popular instrument in the world, with over 2.5 million sold per year
  • There are 6 main guitar types – acoustic guitar, classical guitar, steel guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar and ukulele
  • The longest guitar solo ever was a 24 hour marathon performed by guitarist Joe Hatfield
  • The fastest guitar player in the world is GuitarFreaks V7 (a video game)
  • Jimi Hendrix once used his teeth to play a guitar solo
  • John Lennon wrote the song “Julia” on an acoustic guitar
  • The guitar is the national instrument of Spain

Guitar music has been used to express every emotion imaginable since its inception. From the upbeat rhythms of Latin guitar, to the soulful melodies of jazz guitar and blues guitar, each style has its own distinct character and feel. Rock, folk, country and pop guitar all incorporate elements from the guitar’s long lineage. And then there are hybrid genres such as funk guitar and reggae guitar that combine multiple styles for a unique flavor.

Today is a special day for guitar lovers everywhere, and we hope you’re taking the time to savor it! Whether you pick up your guitar and break out in an impromptu jam session, or just sit back and appreciate the musical artistry of others, make sure you show your appreciation for National Guitar Day. It’s never too late to take up learning an instrument, and today could be the perfect time to start. With many concerts and events planned in honor of the day, there is plenty of opportunity to share your love of music. So grab your ax (or your empty guitar case!), have a great time celebrating National Guitar Day with friends, family, or even by yourself. Now let’s crank this day up a few notches!

How are you celebrating today? Comment below and rock on!

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