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18+ Tried-and-True Ways to Promote Your Blog

18+ Tried-and-True Ways to Promote Your Blog

how to promote your blog, b2b marketing

When you develop your own blog, no matter what your goal, you put your heart and soul into it. Whether it’s on B2B marketing, fashion trends, or something else, you want to make sure your blog articles are seen. To help create a blog promotion strategy, I’ve outlined a few ways for you to get started. These are foundational tactics used to promote your blog, and drive traffic so that it’s success isn’t limited.

promote your blog, b2b marketing

Your blog post – use titles that are interesting (or help with a pain point)

Your blog post titles are one of the first things readers will see when they search for something. They need to be able to quickly identify your the blog posts topic. So it’s important that you craft titles that are both interesting and helpful.

It also helps if your post is full of useful and downright awesome content! Create high-quality content and value to the reader.

A good blog title will capture the attention of readers and encourage them to click. Consider what your new blog post is about. Think of titles that are interesting or help provide a solution to a challenge. If you can make it as catchy as possible, even better! That’ll help promote your blog.

Make visuals to complement blog posts

Making blog posts visually appealing is a great way to draw people in. People are more likely to click on posts that have visuals. When you create imagery for your post, it can help increase the number of shares and interactions.

Using visuals in blog posts not only helps make them look better, but they also provide an opportunity to connect with your target audience on a deeper level. Think about what type of visuals will work best for your blog post, and create something that will stand out.

Make sure you’re nailing your on-page SEO

You may have crafted the perfect blog post, but if you’re not optimizing it for search engine optimization (SEO), no one is ever going to find it. It’s important to make sure that all posts are properly optimized so they can be easily located in search results.

Make sure that you’re including relevant keywords throughout your blog post and also making sure to link out to other blog posts or external sources when appropriate. This is the foundation of you on-page seo. Spending time on this will help increase the visibility of your blog and ensure that more people are finding it.

Use keyword research tools

Using keyword research tools are a great way to make sure that you are targeting the right keywords for promoting your blog. These tools will help you identify which words and phrases are being searched by potential readers. So include them in blog post titles and content.

When looking for the best keyword research tool for your blog, make sure that it provides detailed information about each keyword, including search volume and competition level. Doing this will ensure that you’re targeting the most relevant and effective keywords for your blog’s success.

Some resources I use

These tools will provide you with a wealth of information to help you better promote your blog, and reach your desired audience.

By taking the time to properly promote your blog, you’ll be able to reach more people and increase success. With these tips and use keyword research tools to get the most bang for your blog buck.

Target Long and Medium Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are specific phrases that people use when they are searching for something. These types of keywords usually have less competition. They can often help you get higher rankings in search results, as well as bring more targeted traffic to your blog.

Medium tail keywords are another type of keyword that can be used to promote your blog. They do tend to be more general than long tail ones. Medium tail keywords may include terms related to a blog post topic or industry. And they typically yield higher search volumes than long-tail ones.

Both long and medium tail keywords can help you reach the right audience for your blog. Make sure you’re doing keyword research on a regular basis and incorporate them into blog titles, content, and social media posts.

Link building is one of the most important elements of blog promotion. Links from other bloggers websites to your blog will help you get higher rankings in search results. This will also drive more traffic to your blog.

When it comes to link building, it’s best to focus on acquiring links from quality sources such as industry blogs, magazines, and news sites. These types of links are more valuable than those that come from low-quality sources.

Connect with other bloggers in your space and perhaps you can help each other.

It’s also important to include a variety of anchor text when getting links for your posts – don’t just use the same keyword all the time! This will ensure that you’re reaching a wider audience with your blog content.

Reciprocal sharing sites can also be used, but only if they’re appropriate for your target audience.

Be sure to also include internal links to drive traffic to existing posts you have published. This will encourage readers to dig deeper within your content.

Social media platforms

Use your social media accounts to promote your blog is essential in today’s digital age. Not only can you drive more traffic to your blog, but you can also interact with potential readers to build relationships with them.

By using the most relevant social networks (for your target audience), you’re able to use these online communities to promote content.

In order to get the most out of your social network for blog promotion, it’s important to create content specifically for each platform. For example, Twitter users respond well to short bursts of content in the form of tweets and retweets. Facebook and Instagram users prefer longer-form posts with visuals.

It’s also helpful to use targeted hashtags on all your blog posts so that they reach a larger audience. Research relevant industry or topic-specific hashtags and include them in blog titles or post descriptions, as they can be searched on. This will help you increase blog visibility and engagement, while drive traffic through your social media accounts.

Social media advertising is also relevant, but see below when I discuss online paid advertising.

Keep in mind the social network(s) most relevant for your target audience. Where do they hang out, and what are they interested in learning/reading? All important as part of your social media marketing.

Social groups, communities, and forums

Social groups, communities, and forums are great places to get blog promotion. You can join relevant groups and start conversations with members who may be interested in reading your posts.

When engaging with potential readers on these platforms, it’s important to be authentic and genuine. People will catch on quickly if you’re just pushing your own blog content without adding any value to the conversation. It’s best to actually engage in discussions related to topics covered in your blog posts so that people are more likely to read them when you share links. Approach these channels with a personal and meaningful conversation.

Additionally, don’t forget about using visuals such as photos or GIFs on social media platforms – they can help draw attention to blog posts and increase engagement.

Niche social bookmarking sites are also great for blog promotion. A niche social bookmarking site is an online forum that focuses on a specific topic – for example, there are sites dedicated to technology, food, fashion, and more. By joining these types of sites and actively participating in conversations, you can drive blog traffic from people who are interested in the same topics as your blog.

These sites allow you to submit links to blog posts and share them with a specific group of people. This can help you get more exposure for blog content and potentially reach new readers.

No matter what blog promotion strategies and channels you use, it’s important to be consistent. When you create content regularly and promote it across multiple platforms in order to get the most out of your blog promotion efforts. By taking the time to promote your blog using social groups, communities and forums, you can reach more readers and build a loyal blog following.

Networking and commenting on other related posts can be a great way to increase visibility and get more blog views.

The key to effective blog networking is to find blogs in your niche that are popular, so that you can tap into their existing readership. When promoting your blog on other blog sites, make sure to be polite, professional, and genuine – don’t just leave generic comments for the sake of promotion.

You should also take the time to share blog posts from other bloggers in your network as well. This will help build relationships with them and encourage reciprocity when it comes time for them to promote your content.

By network and commenting with these online communities, you can reach more people who may be interested in reading your blog content.

Take advantage of email marketing

Email marketing is another great way to promote your blog and reach more readers. You can use it to send blog updates directly to subscribers, share posts on social media, or even send emails to potential blog followers.

When crafting email content for blog promotion, make sure to provide value with each message. Don’t just focus on promoting your blog – include relevant tips, resources, or information that readers may find helpful.

You should also consider using targeted email marketing campaigns so that you are sending blog updates only to those who are interested in reading them. This will help ensure that the people receiving your blog emails are actually engaged and interested in what you have to say rather than ignoring the message altogether.

Answer questions on Quora

Answering questions on Quora is a great way to promote your blog and get blog views. Quora is a popular question-and-answer website, so it’s important that you answer questions related to topics covered in your blog posts.

When answering questions, make sure to be knowledgeable and professional – provide links back to blog posts that may be relevant to the question. This will help you share blog content with people who are interested in the topic and may even lead to blog views or subscribers.

By using Quora as a blog promotion tool, you can reach more readers, build blog visibility, and increase blog engagement.

Post on subreddits

Subreddits are online forums dedicated to specific topics, and they can be a great way to promote blog content.

When promoting your blog on subreddits, make sure to post in the appropriate subreddit for the blog topic. You should also use targeted keywords in titles and descriptions so that people searching for blog posts related to those topics will find yours.

Guest post – how to choose the right blog

Guest blogging is a great way to get blog views, build blog visibility, and expand your blog following.

When guest blogging, it’s important that you choose the right blog so that you can reach your target audience. There are many factors to consider when selecting relevant blogs – take into account the blog’s content, readership size, relevance to your blog topic, and level of engagement.

By carefully selecting which blogs to guest post on, you can ensure that potential blog followers actually see and read your content. This will help increase blog traffic and generate more blog views for your posts.

Once you’ve chosen the right blogs for guest blogging, make sure that you provide quality content with each guest post so that readers will actually enjoy reading it. You should also include blog links within the post so that people can easily find your blog and learn more about the topics you cover.

Link building is a great way to get blog views and increase blog visibility. By investing in link building, you can reach more people who may be interested in your blog content and also publish other people’s posts.

When link building, make sure to choose targeted websites that are related to the blog topic. This is so readers will actually find it relevant. You should also ensure that blog links are placed strategically throughout the website. This helps the search engine algorithms better understand where the blog post fits in the context of the page.

By investing in link building, you can extend your blog’s reach beyond organic search results and attract more blog followers. This will ultimately lead to drive traffic and higher levels of engagement with your content.

Promote your blog with online paid advertising

Online paid promotion is a great way to boost blog visibility and get blog views. To make your blog stand out, use targeted keywords that are relevant to the blog topic so that they appear in search engine results for related queries.

You can also use online paid advertising to reach more people who may be interested in reading blog content by targeting based on their interests or demographics. This will help you connect with potential blog followers and increase blog engagement.

Social media ads are also a part of strategy to your social network, but prior to spending budget make sure you’re targeting your audience correctly.

By paid promotion your blog through online paid advertising, you can reach a larger audience and get more blog views from those who are actually interested in what you have to say.

Leverage SEO tools to audit and monitor your website performance

Finally, it’s important to leverage SEO tools to audit and monitor your website performance so that blog content is optimized for search engine results. This is more than Google analytics.

Using the right SEO tools can help you identify blog topics that are most likely to appear in organic search results, as well as blog posts with potential for high rankings. This will help you craft blog posts that have a higher chance of appearing in search results. In doing this it will ultimately lead to more blog views.

By leveraging SEO tools to audit and monitor website performance, you can ensure that blog content reaches the right audience and gets the blog views it deserves.

Here’s a list of popular SEO tools to audit and monitor your site:

Google Search Console (free tool)

SEMrush (limited free tool)

Moz Pro


In addition, make sure your Google Analytics (GA4 specifically) is setup correctly. Google analytics can tell you which blog posts are performing well, and help you determine which blog topics to focus on in the future.

By following the tips above, you can promote your blog and get more blog views through search engines. With the right strategies in place, you can easily increase blog visibility and attract blog followers who will engage with your content.

Establish and build a loyal base of readers

The main goal of a blog, in addition to providing great content, is to establish and build a loyal base of readers. To do this, you need to be consistent and patient in blog posting and promotion.

It’s important to post blog content regularly and promote it through social media channels and other outlets. You should also make sure to use the right strategies tailored to your blog’s topic so readers can easily find blog posts they’re interested in.

By staying consistent with blog posting and promotion, you’ll be able to build an active community and a solid base of followers who engage with your content on a regular basis. This will help increase blog views and generate more blog traffic for your website.

Benefits of a blog posting checklist

Creating a blog posting checklist can save you time and energy in the blog promotion process. It will help ensure that blog content is promoted effectively. It will also ensure that blog posts reach the right audience and gain more blog views.

A blog posting checklist should include:

  • Ensuring that the content is relevant to the topic, audience, and platform
  • Ensuring that there are no grammar or spelling errors
  • Inserting relevant keywords into the post
  • Reviewing any links or images included in the post
  • Adding in a call-to-action and an appropriate length of text

With a blog posting checklist, you should be able to optimize (SEO) blog content for search results. This will attract blog followers who are interested in your content, and ultimately increase blog engagement. This will help blog posts reach more readers and get more blog views.

Creating new blog posts, my checklist

When I go about writing a new blog post, after the idea spark ignites, there are several steps.

  1. Research the topic and questions to make sure I address what is searched on
  2. Create an outline to organize my ideas and blog post structure
  3. Write the blog post, making sure it’s engaging and easily readable
  4. Add relevant keywords throughout the blog post
  5. Include a call-to-action at the end of the blog post
  6. Optimize images that are used in blog posts for SEO (alt data)
  7. Check blog posts for any grammar or spelling errors
  8. Add blog post link to the blog’s homepage
  9. Promote blog post on social media platforms
  10. Monitor blog view analytics and adjust strategies accordingly.

By following the above blog posting checklist, you can make sure that your blog post is optimized for search engine results. This in turn will help reach your target audience.


That’s a pretty extensive list to definitely keep you and me busy promoting our blogs. By the way, have to signed up for my weekly email? Click here today!

Promoting your own blog is important to gain more blog views and blog followers. First, really sit and develop your blog promotion strategy. You can do this by targeting blog readers based on their interests or demographics, leveraging SEO tools to audit, and monitor website performance. In addition, guest posting, social media sites, email marketing, creating a blog posting checklist, and establishing a loyal base of readers will all help.

Remember though, it all begins with your high-quality content.

By following these tips, you can ensure that blog content reaches the right audience and gets blog views it deserves. So don’t wait any longer – start promoting your successful blog today!

Happy blogging!

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