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Refreshed & Renewed

Refreshed & Renewed

Edisto Island, SC, lowcountry

This past weekend I took a couple extra days off to make it a long one and we went on a little getaway to Edisto Island, SC. We rented a little place right on the flats and it was a perfect way to change and refresh your perspective.

Edisto Island, SC, lowcountry, Spanish moss

So many times, for me anyway, shaking up my environment breeds new ideas on so many levels. Work, music, new business ideas, etc.

One thought is about a marketing workshop for B2B. So many times marketers feel “stuck” with how to approach a challenge or even developing a strategy. So why not offer a 3 or 6-month marketing workshop that takes a small group of marketers on a journey to better their planning and strategies?

Do you think there’s value in that? Comment below!

Anyway, it’s an interesting idea that I need to flush out after I confirm that it’s even needed. More on that as it percolates.

Quote of the Day

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Alan Kay, Apple Chief Scientist

This is quote that I have been hanging onto, and thinking about for a while now. It’s also a challenge to you with your work. What are you inventing that your customers need? They may not even know that they need it yet.

Refreshed & Renewed Continued…

refresh, renew, stretch, reach, sky

This week as I jump back into work, I’m going to focus on getting back into my creative space and really flushing out my thoughts from the weekend “sparks” and refreshed perspective.

I’m also going to review some of our current strategies and see where new opportunities exist. New possibilities await!

We are living in a time where things can be completely reimagined. Think about the impact that Amazon has had on retail, or Apple with mobile devices. We have so many new capabilities and tools today to take things to a whole new level.

So let’s get creative and think outside the box! What impact can we make, and how can we use our brand voice and tone to reach our customers in a more meaningful way?

Make it a Great Week

Edisto Island, SC, lowcountry

Think about all of the possibilities that exist for you this week. You can do anything if you focus on your goals and stay disciplined. Set SMART goals, break them down into smaller chunks and don’t give up.

It’s not easy and it will take work, but you can do anything with enough grit. Take care of yourself – hydrate, eat healthy food, move your body and get plenty of rest. That’s the recipe for a successful week!

Cheers to another great week ahead! 🍻

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