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What email marketers need to know in 2023

What email marketers need to know in 2023

Here’s a great summary of email marketing, along with tips and tricks supported by data.

Take a look at the full article.

I’ve always made email marketing a major component as part of my integrated marketing fusion approach. Specifically for B2B audiences, this is integral. As I outlined in my article, Marketing Trends to Embrace Moving into 2023, I specifically talk about personalization which also needs to be incorporated into your email marketing programs and campaigns.

Some of my key takeaways and other personal opinions on email marketing

  • Email marketing frequency depends on your target audience – What do they expect? Is there an industry standard?
  • Make the content valuable – don’t just email them for the sake of emailing them. Everybody’s busy so make your content count.
  • Watch your metrics and ROI.
  • I’d definitely go with a double opt-in for list growth (mandatory in Europe and UK). It’ll keep your list clean.
  • A/B testing – give it a shot with a small sample and see where you get the largest response, then revise and send to your entire list.
  • Repetition – One-shot emails are not nearly as effective as a 3-5x campaign. Can you break your content into several “bites” of information that you can send over a 2–3-week period?
  • Brand & strategy – Does your email campaign support your overall brand and strategy? If not, your email campaign is “off” and needs adjustment.
  • Plan ahead – Don’t rush things as you get ideas, take your time and incorporate your ideas into your content strategy.

Read the full article and let me know your thoughts and takeaways below.

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  1. Thanks, Tanel. Your piece supports the original post as well as brings in some new aspects that marketers should consider when planning their strategies and mix.

    Thanks for sharing!


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